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Divya Kata

Entry Engineer

Divya Kata is the Project Engineer-in-Training at Lynn Engineering’s Bay City office. Her current job responsibilities include design and detailing of the wood, steel, and concrete building structural plans. She passes the markups to the draftsman for drafting, answers any questions they may have and performs any other tasks assigned by the supervising engineers.

She joined Lynn Engineering in June 2020 after graduating from Oklahoma State University with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering. Divya completed her B.S. in the same stream in India. Divya worked as a Teaching Assistant for the professors at OSU in different courses

She loves to cook a wide variety of recipes for people and dreams of having her own restaurant in the future. In her spare time, she likes to paint, swim, go to the gym, drive her motorbike, and wants to learn various skills that are not related to engineering. Divya enjoys spending time with her friends and loves to explore the world and enjoy nature.

She believes in live and let live philosophy, and her driving force leads her to choose a peaceful life over the rat race.

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