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Matt Montalvo


Matt Montalvo is a Draftsman at Lynn Engineering. His job consists of creating plans for new home and metal building foundations, pole barns, and house framings. Matt has been with Lynn Engineering since September 2019.

Prior to working for the company, he managed an off-road shop for three years while attending Wharton County Junior College. Matt graduated from WCJC in 2018 with an A.A.S in Engineering Design.

In his spare time Matt enjoys fishing and hunting with his fiancé Angel and two-year-old Karter. Although he becomes more of the guide rather than the hunter or fisherman, he enjoys making memories with his family.

Matt is often reminded by his two-year-old the reason he goes to work is to “make him some money.”

Matt is somewhat a perfectionist and does not settle for anything less than his best work. He treats everything he does as being the best man for the job whether it’s baiting a hook or finishing a project by a deadline.

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