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Structural Engineering

Our team specializes in designing projects located throughout the high wind zones of the Texas Gulf Coast. Our experience includes mild reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete, timber, steel and masonry structures. We have completed thousands of designs on residential and commercial projects that were there before Hurricane Harvey and remain there today.

Our Structural Engineering Services

Structural engineering is particularly concerned with the design of load-bearing structures. It’s the bones and muscles of a structure. Our team understands and calculates the stability, strength and rigidity of built structures. Our structural engineers design structures so that the structures do not collapse or behave in undesirable ways while serving their useful functions. The efficient use of funds and materials to achieve these structural goals is a major concern. Lynn Engineering works closely with architects, construction managers and transportation engineers.


We Know the Landscape of the
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The Structural Team


Stuart A. Lynn, P.E.

Founder/CEO, Visionary

Stuart Lynn is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and Founder at Lynn...


N. Mitchell Carrillo, P.E.

Principal Engineer, Integrator

Professional Engineer at Lynn Engineering. He manages the operations’ function...


Pavan Kata

Engineer In Training

Project Managing Engineer at Lynn Engineering. He handles the Structural Engineering...


Diego Andrade

Engineer In Training

Diego Andrade is an engineer in training at Lynn Engineering with his primary emphasis being on...


Rondie Singletary

Senior Windstorm Inspector

Rondie is the firm's senior windstorm inspector. He is the engineer's eyes and ears in the field.