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N. Mitchell Carrillo, P.E.

Principal Engineer, Integrator

Mitchell Carrillo is a Professional Engineer at Lynn Engineering. He manages the operations’ function throughout the company. This primarily involves ensuring the client’s experience is positive, design teams are working efficiently at a high level, and relationships are constantly being developed with potential clients.

He joined Lynn Engineering in May of 2014, two days after graduating with a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Lamar University. Mitchell’s professional experience primarily includes structural design for low-rise buildings utilizing wood, steel, and concrete in the high wind zones of the Texas coast.

When he can get away from the office, Mitchell enjoys fishing in the Matagorda Bay system, hacking his way down 18 holes, and playing Texas Hold’em

Mitchell is a father to two amazing daughters and married to an amazing woman who he guarantees is fitter than everyone reading this.

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