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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Friday, December 16, 2022

LynnGroup announces 2023 initiative with Times Square billboard

Engineering, Construction and Development firm sets aim to the Next Level

“We are so much more than an engineering firm, construction company or real estate developer, our focus is on something much larger than ourselves."

BAY CITY, Texas (Friday, December 16, 2022) ­­– The LynnGroup family of companies – Lynn Construction, Lynn Development, Lynn Engineering, and Lynn Steel Buildings ­– are going to the next level in 2023. That was the announcement made earlier this month with a billboard in Times Square. The promotion began rotating on Friday, Dec. 9 at the corner of 45th Street and Broadway in Midtown Manhattan.

“We think BIG, to work BIG, to give BIG so that we can positively impact the lives of our employees, our clients, and our communities,” said Stuart A. Lynn, P.E., Founder/CEO of LynnGroup. “What bigger way to announce something than with a billboard in Times Square at Christmastime?”

For the organization, going to the Next Level means a commitment to excellence not only in work, service, and product but in interpersonal dealings, relationships, and making an impact each day to advance the company’s overall vision. It is an action step toward fulfilling Vision2030, the company’s 10-year goal to rescue 500 sex slaves from human trafficking, construct 500 new homes for disadvantaged families across the globe, feed 1,000 orphans, and dig 30,000 new water wells in developing nations by the year 2030.

“This is why we do what we do,” said Lynn. “We are so much more than an engineering firm, construction company or real estate developer, our focus is on something much larger than ourselves. When we get to rescue a young girl that had been trafficked, help her get into a safe home, and put her through school, that’s next level. When we can go and physically build entire neighborhoods in developing nations to put roofs over the heads of families, build them schools and hospitals, and truly change their lives, that’s next level.”

Each year, ten percent of the company’s proceeds are set aside specifically for these efforts. By 2030, the cumulative effort of each year will have fully funded these goals.

In 2022, the company surpassed its goal of $330,000 in impact toward the overall effort by committing $460,000 in funds and tangible resources to these projects. To build on that success, the company’s leadership is looking for the team to take their efforts to the Next Level in 2023.

The Next Level theme was recently presented internally to the LynnGroup companies at an all-hands meeting in November. The Times Square announcement was rolled out at the company’s Christmas party held at Beneath the Oaks in Midfield on Friday, Dec. 16. The promotion is meant to energize the team and ensure accountability to the goal throughout the coming year.

“Times Square is the center of the universe, it is the busiest pedestrian area on Earth,” said Brandon Cox, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. “In true LynnGroup fashion, we wanted to do something BIG as we celebrate this year’s successes and prepare to meet and exceed our goals for 2023.”

Photos of the billboard were captured by John Manthos, a graphic designer and photographer based New York City, and provided to the company’s marketing team on the night the billboard launched. John signed on after learning about the initiative through a mutual friend.

“There are many ways for people to get involved,” said Lynn. “Every employee and every client are a part of this. But, like John, anyone who wants to can be as well. Reach out on our website, get your passport ready, and let’s get to work.”

The divisions of LynnGroup serve the Texas Gulf Coast providing civil, structural, and windstorm engineering services as well as new home construction, land development, and steel building erection. Learn more about LynnGroup and the company’s mission to improve the lives of its employees, clients, and communities by visiting


Stuart A. Lynn, P.E.

Founder/CEO, Visionary

Stuart is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and Founder/CEO of Lynn Engineering.

DSC02358 copy

N. Mitchell Carrillo, P.E.

Principal Engineer, Integrator

Mitchell is the Principal Engineer at Lynn Engineering. He manages the day-to-day operations of the firm.


Lynn Engineering is a windstorm, structural, municipal civil and land development engineering firm specializing in private and public residential, commercial and infrastructure development projects on the Texas Gulf Coast. We are working to positively impact the lives our employees, client and communities. Our engineers understand construction in wood, steel and concrete and produce clear and concise plans that are adaptable and solution oriented. Our team is responsive to your needs – accessible, friendly and knowledgeable.

We think BIG. To work BIG. To give BIG.

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