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After the storm:
Do my repairs need a windstorm inspection?

Most new construction, roof replacements, and major repairs must be inspected before you can get coverage through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. But not every repair requires an inspection. These don’t.

General repairs

  • Protective measures before a storm.
  • Temporary repairs after a storm.
  • Nonstructural interior fixtures, cabinets, nonloadbearing partitions, surfaces, trims, or equipment repair or replacement.
  • Painting, carpeting, and refinishing.
  • Plumbing and electrical repairs, including preformed flange repair or replacement.

Door, fences, steps, and windows

  • Breakaway wall repairs.
  • Decorative shutter replacement.
  • Fence repairs.
  • Porch and balcony handrail and guardrail repairs.
  • Stairway, steps, and wheelchair ramp repairs.
  • Soffits, less than 24 inches wide, repair or replacement.
  • Storm doors or screen doors repair or replacement if installed outside an exterior door.
  • Wall covering repair or replacement if the area is less than 10% of the surface area of the affected side of the structure.
  • Window glass, glass doors, and exterior side-hinged door replacement, not including the frames, if the area is less than 10% of the surface area of the affected side of the structure.

Fascia, gutters, and roofs

  • Fascia repairs.
  • Gutters repair or replacement.
  • Roof repairs of less than 100 square feet not involving roof decking or framing members.

Foundations and slabs

  • Leveling and repairs to an existing slab-on-grade foundation, unless wall or foundation anchorage is altered or repaired.
  • Leveling an existing pier-and-beam foundation or piling foundation if no repairs are made.
  • Repairs to slabs on the ground for patios or under homes on pilings.

NOTE: If your repairs do require windstorm inspection, make sure your contractor contacts Lynn Engineering BEFORE work begins. Avoid scams by using a reputable local contractor, getting multiple bids, and NEVER pay upfront. Learn more about avoiding scams here.

Windstorm engineering is complicated. We make it easy. Have questions?

Lynn Engineering is here to help. Learn more about windstorm certification here.

At Lynn Engineering, we understand construction in wood, steel, and concrete – and we are experts in design for coastal construction. Visit us at or call (979) 245-8900 to speak with our professionals or schedule an inspection today.

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