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Lynn Engineering
Bay City and Headquarters.

Bay City, Texas: Structural Engineering Civil Engineering—Windstorm Engineering

Our Bay City office specializes in designing projects located throughout the high wind zones of the Texas Gulf Coast. Our experience includes mild reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete, timber, steel and masonry structures. We have completed thousands of designs on residential and commercial projects that were there before Hurricane Harvey and remain there today.

Most new construction, roof replacements, major repairs, and other alterations require an inspection and certificate of compliance. During the inspection process, our Bay City office will verify that all construction is in compliance with TDI product evaluations, manufacturers approved installation and/or engineered construction drawings

 Bay City, Texas Office—Core Services Include:

Why Windstorm  Engineering is so Important

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The Bay City Team


Stuart A. Lynn, P.E.

Founder/CEO, Visionary

Stuart Lynn is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and Founder at Lynn...


N. Mitchell Carrillo, P.E.

Principal Engineer, Integrator

Professional Engineer at Lynn Engineering. He manages the operations’ function...


Corey Boucher

Chief Financial Officer

Corey Boucher is the Chief Financial Officer at LynnGroup, Lynn Engineering’s parent company.


Brandon Cox

Chief Marketing Officer

Brandon Cox is the Chief Marketing Officer at Lynn Group, Lynn Engineering’s parent company.


Celestina Encinia

Manager, Human Resources

Celestina Encinia is the Human Resources Manager at Lynn Group, Lynn Engineering's parent company.


We Know the Landscape of the
Texas Gulf Coast & Local Communities
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