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Windstorm Inspections and Certification

Do you need an inspection?

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Are you wondering whether your project needs a windstorm inspection?

Here’s what you need to know: most new construction, roof replacements, and major repairs require an inspection before you can get coverage through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

Examples of projects that do not require an inspection include:
  • Roof repairs of less than 100 square feet that don’t involve decking.
  • Painting, carpeting, cabinets, and other non-structural items.
  • Repairs or replacement of fences, gutters, decorative shutters, steps, and screen doors.
  • Plumbing and electrical repairs.

Not every repair requires an inspection. In general, repairs such as protective measures before a storm, temporary repairs after a storm, nonstructural interior fixtures, and plumbing and electrical repairs don’t require an inspection.

Texas Department of Insurance offers guidance on its website regarding what activities do not require an inspection.

Other types of repairs that don’t require an inspection include door, fence, steps, and window repairs, as well as fascia, gutter, and siding repairs of less than 100 square feet. Further guidance from TDI can be found here.

If your repairs do require a windstorm inspection, it’s important to ensure that your contractor contacts Lynn Engineering before work begins.

To avoid scams, use a reputable local contractor, get multiple bids, and never pay upfront.

Lynn Engineering is here to help with any questions you may have about windstorm certification. Speak with our professionals or schedule an inspection today. Our experts in design for coastal construction can provide the guidance you need for your repairs, alterations and new construction projects.

Engineering is complicated. We make it easy.

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“Every one of our homes engineered by Lynn Engineering withstood Hurricane Harvey with no structural damage.”
"After years of working together, we use Lynn Engineering exclusively and tell the families that we’re building for that they are in good hands."
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